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The Ultimate Guide to Wide Width Wedding Shoes

The Ultimate Guide to Wide Width Wedding Shoes


Lisa Kay

How We Choose Bridal Shoes for Wide Feet?


Finding the perfect wedding shoes with a wide toe box can be daunting, but the days of sacrificing style for the comfort of wider shoes are a thing of the past!


At Sole Bliss, we have created a collection of wide width wedding shoes suitable for the happiest day of your life, with each pair featuring a generously deep and wide toe box, designed to provide the space and volume of up to three sizes larger than your usual size.


We choose our shoes carefully, making sure they are crafted from the softest, premium Italian and Spanish leathers, offering unparalleled quality across a diverse range of styles. And for that additional touch of comfort? All our shoes come with our ground-breaking Bunion Bed® technology, incorporated within the shoe to cater to wide feet and bunions, while our revolutionary stretch panel offers cushioning and support in dreamy comfort and is discreetly hidden within the lining. The perfect recipe for bridal shoes for wider feet!




Features to Consider When Choosing Wide Width Wedding Shoe


Don’t fall into the trap of compromising on comfort just because it’s 'only for one day.' Believe us, you’ll want maximum comfort for your toes!


The fit should be secure around your heel and midfoot to prevent any slippage, while still allowing your toes to move freely. Arch support is also vital for comfortable wide wedding shoes, considering the long hours you'll spend on your feet.


We take pride in our heels and flats that offer superior arch support, featuring three layers of high-quality, anti-bacterial, custom cushioning memory foam. This not only ensures fabulous comfort but also serves as an anti-pronation device, crucial for preventing the inward rolling of the foot as you stand (and dance!) well into the night.



Top Picks for Wide Width Wedding Shoes


Here are just a few of our favorite wedding shoes with a wide toe box:


Elegant High Heels for Wide Feet



Ruby: Silver Suede & Snake Print Leather - Elegant High Heels for Wide Feet




These elegant wide-fit high heels certainly have the ‘wow’ factor! Made in soft and stylish silver leather, they are versatile enough to suit any style of dress, offering a delicate and chic appeal with an added touch of glamour. Just like all Sole Bliss shoes, they feature our Bunion Bed stretch panel, three layers of soft underfoot cushioning, and a wider toe box to ease foot crowding.



Stylish and Comfy Flats for the Big Day



Faith: Cream Leather - Comfy Bridal Flats




If heels aren’t your forte, you can still be stylish with a chic pair of stylish wide fit bridal flats. Handcrafted from luxuriously soft cream leather, our Faith design boasts a roomy square toe shape, three layers of supportive underfoot cushioning, and our signature Bunion Bed stretch panel. We particularly adore this design paired with boho or minimalist dresses - think A-line, tea-length, or empire line. Classic, yet glamorous.



Vintage Wide Fit Wedding Footwear



Dare to brave a 5-inch heel on your wedding day? Royalty from our 'Sole Bliss x Elizabeth Stewart' Collection is a dazzling choice perfect for a vintage-inspired vibe. Think disco balls, an ivory white jumpsuit, big hair, and a LOT of glitter.


Worried about comfort? Don’t be! These comfortable wide wedding shoes feature three layers of soft underfoot cushioning to support your feet, a wide toe-box provides width where you need it, and a hidden stretch panel protects bunions or any difficult joints. We’re in love!



Ceremony-Focused Footwear for Prolonged Standing




Kara: Gold Leather - Comfy Wide Fit Heels




If your ceremony is on the longer side and you anticipate standing for most of it, why not invest in a pair of cute kitten heels to enjoy comfort while staying chic? Kara boasts an elegant silhouette with a luxe gold leather upper, a wide toe-box, a stretch panel for bunions, and triple-layer underfoot cushioning. Your feet will thank us!



Ballet-Inspired Shoes



Luna White & Silver Leather - Stylish Wide Fit Bridal Flats




These stylish wide fit bridal flats would look stunning paired with a trouser suit or a tea-length dress. They are perfect for wide feet, featuring a generous toe box, an accommodating stretch panel, and comprehensive triple-layer cushioning throughout the underfoot for sensitive feet.



Low-Heel Options



Nova: Silver Leather - Low Heels for Wide Feet




Add a touch of sparkle to your step with Nova, our elegant low-heel shoe adorned with a scalloped edge. Featuring triple-layer underfoot cushioning, arch support, and a stretch panel, it offers unparalleled comfort and support, ensuring you remain comfortable enough to dance well into the early hours.



Sandals with Supportive Soles for Summer Weddings



Ruby: Sky Blue Suede - Wedding Guest Shoes




Wedding guests, we haven't forgotten you! Step into the new season with our Sky Blue Suede platform sandals. Introducing Ruby, our most comfortable high-heel sandal for bunions and wide feet. Crafted from luxuriously soft suede, these stylish high heels will keep your feet cushioned and protected throughout the day.

And the color? We're utterly obsessed. Isn't it the perfect shade for summer weddings?



Should I size up in wedding shoes?


Sizing up is certainly a factor you must consider when buying a pair of wide fit bridal shoes. Since you’ll likely be wearing your shoes for a long time, extra space could be beneficial to accommodate any swelling that occurs during the day.

Most of our styles fit true to size, so you should take your usual shoe size. However, some sizes do require you to take a slightly different size, so please read the specific Fit Notes on each style for more detailed sizing advice.



Kitty: Metallic Taupe - Comfortable Wide Width Wedding Shoes  




How do I find the right shoes for wide feet?


Whether you’re the bride, groom, or guest, it’s important that you find shoes that fit your style. However, comfort is key, especially if you are living with foot conditions such as bunions or hammer toes.


Look for shoes which are wide enough to accommodate your foot shape, so before you buy your chosen pair, make sure you measure the width of your feet as well as the length, ideally in the afternoon when feet are at their largest due to natural swelling



What size heel is best for wedding?


Choosing the right size of heel is dependent on your comfort levels, and if you’re not used to wearing platform-sized heels, perhaps a wedding is not the best day to start!


Luckily, at Sole Bliss, our shoes offer maximum comfort whatever the style, thanks to our three layers of underfoot cushioning which provide 24-hour comfort and support.



What mistakes should we avoid while buying wedding shoes?


When shopping for wide fit wedding shoes, avoiding certain common mistakes can help ensure comfort and style on your big day. Such as:


  1. Ignoring foot measurements
  2. Not considering foot swelling
  3. Forgetting venue suitability
  4. Overlooking adjustable features
  5. Skipping additional support options such as custom orthotics
  6. Neglecting wear time


    All Sole Bliss shoes feature a deep and wide toe-box, ensuring your feet have ample room to relax in their natural state throughout your special day. To shop the full collection, please visit here.



    Ruby: Pale Taupe Suede - Bridal Shoes for Wide Feet 



    If you have any questions about finding the best shoes for your feet, please contact our Customer Care team who are highly knowledgeable and here to help!

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