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Comfortable Mother of the Bride Shoes

Comfortable Mother of the Bride Shoes


Lisa Kay

Comfortable Mother of the Bride Shoes







Finding the Best Mother of the Bride Shoes:

At Sole Bliss, we know how important it is to find comfortable mother of the bride shoes. It’s a truly special day and you want everything to be perfect, including your outfit! Your mother of the bride shoes need to be pretty, elegant and comfortable. We know that this can be a challenge, so we wanted to provide our top tips on finding the best mother of the bride shoes. 


6 Dos and Don'ts of Mother of the Bride Shoes

1. Make sure your shoes are elegant


    If you are the mother of the bride or mother of the groom, you need to look the part! This is the time to wear pretty, elegant and feminine shoes which will make you look and feel a million dollars.

    Your mother of the bride shoes should be heels. They don’t have to be high heels, but a refined shoe with a slim heel or a chic block heel is your best bet for this event.

    You can choose a round toe-shape, almond toe-shape or pointed toe-shape. But steer clear of boxy square toes or heavy shoes which look like office-wear.


    India: Blush Suede - Low Heel Sling-Backs for Weddings






    2. Choose comfortable mother of the bride shoes


      Your son or daughter’s wedding is a very special day, but it is a long day…and there is a lot of standing! Your mother of the bride shoes need to be comfortable enough to stand in them all day long and into the evening. You also want to be able to dance in them!

      Don’t change into flip flops on the dancefloor. Instead invest in comfortable heels which will keep you on your feet all day and all night.

      If you you are unsure of your shoe size, buy the shoes you like in two sizes, try them on at home and send back the size which doesn't fit you as well. All Sole Bliss shoes are available in half sizes so that you can find your perfect fit. You should never squeeze your feet into shoes which are too small for you, and you certainly don't want to be slipping out of shoes which are too big.

      We recommend taking your shoes for a test drive before the big day too! Wear your heels around the house to make sure they are going to be comfortable enough for you to wear for hours on end.




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      3. Don’t worry about perfectly matching colours


        Gone are the days of perfectly matching the colour of your dress with your mother of the bride shoes. Colour matching can be very difficult (the dye-able shoe is never a good idea!) and the look is quite old-fashioned.

        Instead, you should opt for a shoe colour which complements your dress, rather than perfectly matches it. If you are wearing a bright-coloured dress, neutral colours are a great option. You can choose shades of nude, blush, or pale gray. Metallics are also an option, for example silver, rose gold or champagne.

        Another option for mother of the bride shoes is to choose a colour which is one or two shades darker than your dress.

        If you are wearing a black dress, then you certainly can match colours. A chic black heel will look great!



        Carmen: Navy Suede - Classy Mother of the Bride Heels



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        4. Take into consideration the time of year


          It is important to remember what season your son or daughter is getting married in. There are some mother of the bride shoes which are timeless and will look great all year round. However, there are other mother of the bride shoes which will work better in the winter or the summer.


          For a winter wedding, a closed toe shoe or a classic court shoe is best. For a summer wedding, you can choose a peep-toe heel or a dressy sandal.



          You should also consider that feet tend to swell in the warmer months of the year. If the wedding is taking place in the summer, you should make sure your mother of the bride shoes are going to be comfortable with slightly swollen feet.



          Did you know that your feet are at their warmest in the afternoon? That’s why we recommend trying on your mother of the bride shoes in the afternoon, so you can be sure that they will be comfortable when the weather gets a little warmer.


          If your son or daughter is getting married in the summer, will you be standing outside? If there is a reception on the lawn, you might want to avoid a stiletto and take a look at your options for wedges.

          Zena: Gold Leather - Wedges for Summer Weddings



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          5. Don’t go too high


            Yes, a heel is definitely the elegant choice for your mother of the bride shoes. But nobody is forcing you to wear six-inch stilettos. We wouldn’t recommend going much higher than four inches, especially if you are not used to wearing high heels.


            Always look for shoes with extra padding under your foot. All Sole Bliss shoes feature triple-layer underfoot cushioning which provides total comfort and protection for your feet. If you are wearing sandals, make sure the straps are supportive. If you have wide feet, look for shoes with a deep and spacious toe-box (at the front of the foot).


            Carmen: Nude Leather - Mid Heels for All Day Weddings



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            6. Add a matching handbag


              Complete your look with a handbag which matches your mother of the bride shoes. Although we would not recommend matching your accessories with your dress, your accessories certainly can match! 


              Mother of the Bride Shoes and Matching Handbags


              If you are looking for stylish mother of the bride shoes and matching handbags, Sole Bliss is your go-to brand! Our fabulous mother of the bride shoes are handcrafted from the finest Italian and Spanish leathers and suedes, and have matching handbags available for nearly every shoe. Click here to view our full collection of handbags.

              When it comes to choosing the best matching handbag, choose a small clutch bag which doesn’t distract from the rest of your outfit. Ideally the handbag will have a detachable metal chain strap which means you can wear it as an over-the-shoulder bag too.




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              Find your Mother of the Bride Shoes Today! 


              Finding the right shoes to wear at your son or daughter’s wedding can be a challenge. Let Sole Bliss take the stress out of finding the perfect mother of bride shoes. We want you to look and feel your best on this very special day. Trust in our award-winning Comfort Technology to keep you comfortable on your feet all day and night long.


              Ruby: Pale Gold Suede & Snake - Best Mother of the Bride Platform Heels 



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              Our podiatrist-approved technology makes our shoes extremely comfortable for women with wide feet, bunions and other foot conditions. However our shoes are loved by fashion-conscious women with no problems with their feet. These really are the most comfortable heels in the world. We hope that you will find this checklist for mother of the bride shoes helpful and that you can continue to enjoy the build-up to this special day.



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