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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story


The Truth About Fashionable Women’s Shoes: 

Pain Doesn’t Have To Be Part of Style



Sole Bliss founder Lisa Kay was the epitome of a busy, hard-working London fashion executive. She was also a woman who understood foot pain. After traveling long stretches in airports, pounding factory floors and being on her feet all day, she couldn't ignore the growing bunion on her foot. 


As head of highly successful wholesale shoe brand Lisa Kay London, Lisa was responsible for bringing the most stylish heels and the chicest boots to market every season. At the same time, she realized that women with bunions and wider feet, herself included, needed some fashion love, too. 

Lisa Kay - Designer, Founder & CEO of Sole Bliss.


Make Way for Comfort


They say necessity is the mother of invention, so for five years Lisa worked tirelessly with her experts to design the innovative components for her new footwear brand. Podiatrists provided medical advice about bunion formation and other foot problems. At her factory, experienced Spanish artisans produced the new, wide-fit prototypes. At the same time, Lisa and her team drafted in focus groups to test and refine her new, wide width-welcoming designs



Hot Pink Suede Mid Slim Heel for Bunions & Wider Feet



Finally, in March 2017, Lisa Kay launched Sole Bliss, an online-only source of fashionable women’s shoes for the millions of women worldwide with wide width feet and suffering from bunions and other foot problems.




Sole Bliss shoes for bunions factory production



Inside every pair of Sole Bliss shoes, you will find Lisa’s innovative, patent-pending Comfort Technology, a triple-layer cushioning system that supports and soothes the foot. In addition, each Sole Bliss style features the exclusive Bunion Bed®, a responsive side panel that cradles the bunion without altering the silhouette of the shoe.


With a stellar selection of wide-fit high heels, flats, boots and matching handbags, Sole Bliss dispels the myth that in order to have comfort you must sacrifice style. We urge you to step into a pair and dispel the myth for yourself.



Sole Bliss shoes for bunions shipping & packing process