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Wide Feet

Wide Feet

Step into a World of Wide Fit Comfort!



At Sole Bliss, we believe that every woman deserves beautiful shoes. If you are looking for wide-fitting footwear which is luxuriously comfortable, accommodating AND fashionable, look no further than our Collection of Extra-Wide Shoes.


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Every pair of Sole Bliss shoes is designed for women with bunions. Our Extra-Wide Collection is designed specially for women with Wide Feet too.



Our Extra Wide Fitting Footwear features a deep and wide toe-box which is ideal for women with wide feet and high insteps. The ingenious design of our wide-fitting footwear provides the equivalent width and volume of up to three sizes larger than your usual size. For example, if you normally take a size 7, our Extra Wide shoes offer the equivalent space of up to size 10 at the front. This width and depth is disguised to maintain a flattering fit.






There's More!


In addition to a deep and wide toe-box, our extra extra-wide styles also benefit from all the features of Sole Bliss’ award-winning Comfort Technology.







The Bunion Bed®


An ingenious Cushioning Stretch Panel – called the Bunion Bed® - is strategically positioned inside your shoes. This takes the pressure off painful bunions and provides extra width where you need it the most.




The Contoured Footbed:


Underfoot in every shoe, you will feel the benefit of 3 distinct layers of high quality, anti-bacterial, custom-cushioning memory foam. These are designed to offer the ultimate softness and cushioning, as well as shock absorption and everlasting support for your sensitive feet.


In addition to triple-layer cushioning, Sole Bliss closed-back shoes also contain a small, memory-foam anti-pronation device to counter the inward rolling of the foot.





 Meet the Sole Bliss Extra-Wide Styles


All our shoes are wide, but these styles are even more accommodating! Discover our full collection of extra wide fitting footwear:


Our Extra Wide styles are: Kitty, Ingrid, Valencia, Imogen, India, Imelda, Kelly, Vienna, Nina, Luna, Lizzie, Florence, Scarlett, Natasha, Sydney, Sabrina, Verity, Hero, Star, Zena, Robyn, Viola, Melody, Mercy, TillyTread.