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Wide Feet

Wide Feet

Shopping for Wide Feet just got Easier!



If you’re looking for extra width within your shoes, look no further.

Sole Bliss shoes feature an award-winning, patent-pending technology that accommodates wide feet – as well as feet with bunions and other problems.

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 Our comfort technology means that our wide-fit heels and flats offer the equivalent width of up to three sizes larger than your regular size.

For example, if you normally take a size 7 shoe, our Extra Wide shoes offer the equivalent space of up to size 10 at the front – making them the best shoes for wide feet.

A generous design coupled with our interior stretch panel – which we call the Bunion Bed® - allows for a superb wide fit, putting your bunions and wide fit woes to bed. If you do suffer from bunions, the Bunion Bed® is strategically positioned inside your shoes and takes the pressure off painful bunions, cushioning and supporting them in blissful comfort.

For those with wide feet (with or without bunions), the Bunion Bed® offers extra width where it’s most needed. Cleverly concealed within your shoes, the Bunion Bed® is invisible from the outside and stylishly minimises the appearance of your bunions.



Relax Your Toes


In addition to overall wide widths, some of our extra-wide styles also benefit from more rounded or almond-shape toes. Styles like Ingrid, Mercy and Luna are ideal for those with a wider foot who want to let the front of their feet relax, without worrying about cramping/squashing their toes.



Sole Bliss Snake Print Pump with wide width and deep front





And the Rest...


Under the footbed of each shoe you will feel the benefit of 3 distinct layers of high quality, anti-bacterial, custom-cushioning memory foam:


- The Top Layer offers ultimate softness and cushioning under your entire foot.

- The Middle Layer custom contours around your foot and perfectly fits your foot shape to provide everlasting support for your bunions and in your most sensitive areas.

- The Base Layer provides high performance shock absorption and protects the ball of your foot as you walk.

As well as unbelievable cushioning, Sole Bliss closed-back heels also contain a small, memory-foam anti-pronation device to counter the inward rolling of the foot.





 Meet the Sole Bliss Extra-Wide Styles


All our shoes are wide width, but these styles are even more accommodating!


Our Extra Wide Fit styles are: Verity, Vienna, Kelly, Ingrid, India, Kitty, Imogen, Mercy, Willow, Imelda, Luna, Lizzie, Ivy, Erin and Nina.

Sole Bliss Extra Wide Width Shoes for Bunion Sufferers