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Size Guide

Size Guide

Size Guide for Sole Bliss Shoes for Bunions


Every Sole Bliss style has been designed for wide feet and bunions. We have ensured that they are able to accommodate wide widths while being perfectly in proportion.


To help you choose the correct size, you can find sizing advice on each style’s product page.


If you have any questions about sizing or our different styles, please email us at or call us on +1 917 475 0027 and a member of our team will be happy to advise you.




Sole Bliss Wide Fit 

These styles are best suited to those with slim-to-regular width feet, plus mild-to-severe bunions. Check each style's Fit Details to see whether you should order your regular size, or half a size larger. 


Our Wide Fit styles are: Ayda, Carmen, Pandora, Christie, Alessia, Georgia, Patricia, Quinn, Cleo, Brooke, Celine, Flavia and Debut.

sole bliss size guide wide fit 

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Sole Bliss Extra-Wide Fit 


These styles are best suited to those with wide width feetplus mild-to-severe bunions. 


Our Extra Wide Fit styles are: Verity, Vienna, Kelly, Ingrid, India, Kitty, Imogen, Mercy, Willow, Imelda, Luna, Lizzie, Ivy, Erin and Nina.

sole bliss size guide extra wide fit 

 To Shop our Extra Wide Fit styles Click Here.