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50 Celebrities with Bunions 2021

50 Celebrities with Bunions 2021


Lisa Kay

Celebrities are Just Like Us… We've Looked at Their Outfits, Shoes and Bunions!


Celebrities have bunions too! Meghan Markle, Victoria Beckham and Oprah Winfrey all share some things in common…they maintain A-List celebrity status, dress impeccably well, oh and another thing…these celebrities all have bunions!

Famous people with bunions? Surely not!


Bunions doesn’t just affect ordinary people, even the most glamorous celebrities struggle with the pain, appearance and embarrassment of bunions. Unfortunately, bunions affects a vast number of women worldwide (10 million alone in the UK) and develop due to a number of factors, such as ill-fitting footwear, genetics, pregnancy and obesity.


Nevertheless, despite being in the spotlight, many celebrities have embraced their bunions…so here it is, our list of 50 A-List Celebrities with bunions: 


1. Amy Adams - American Actress

Amy Adams Celebrity with Bunions

2. Amal Clooney - Lebanese-British International Law Barrister

Celebrity Barrister, Amal Clooney with Bunions

3. Katie Holmes - American Actress

American Actress, Katie Holmes with Hammer Toes

4. Oprah Winfrey -  American Talk Show Host & Producer

Oprah Winfrey, Famous Talk Show Host Bunion Sufferer

5. Danielle Staub -  American Television Personality

Celebrity Danielle Straub Suffers from Bunions

6. Naomi Campbell - British Supermodel

Supermodel, Naomi Campbell has Bunions

7. Tilda Swinton - British Actress & Model

British Actress, Tilda Swinton Suffers from Bunions

8. Molly Sims - American Model & Actress

American Actress has Bunions

9. Chrissy Teigen - American Model, Author & Comedian

Chrissy Teigen Suffers from Bunions

10. Christina Hendricks - American Actress

Christina Hendricks has Bunions

11. Victoria Beckham - British Designer & Former Spice Girl

Former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham has Bunion Removal Surgery

12. Sarah Paulson - American Actress

American Actress Suffers from Bunions

13. Tamera Mowry-Housley - American Actress

Celebrity, Tamera Mowry with Bunions

14. Jennifer Lopez - American Actress, Singer & Business Woman

Famous Jennifer Lopez has Mild Bunions

15. Lisa Edelstein - American Actress

House Actress Lisa Edelstein has Bunions

16. Kate Moss - British Model & Business Woman

British Model, Kate Moss has Mild Bunions

17. Nigella Lawson - British Food Writer & Cooking Show Host

Nigella Lawson Bunion Removal Surgery

18. Marcia Gay Harden - American Actress

American Actress is a Bunion Sufferer

19. Meghan Markle - American Former Actress

HRH Duchess of Sussex has Bunion Removal Surgery

20. Iman Bowie - Somali-American Fashion Model & Actress

Iman Bowie Suffers from Bunions

21. Audrey Hepburn - British Actress & Humanitarian

Audrey Hepburn Suffered from Mild Bunions & Wide Feet

22. Cameron Diaz - American Actress & Former Model

Cameron Diaz Bunion Sufferer

23. Teri Hatcher - American Actress, Writer & Presenter

American Actress Teri Hatcher has Mild Bunion

24. Paris Hilton - American Fashion Designer & Business Woman

Socialite, Paris Hilton has Bunions

25. Kate Middleton - Duchess of Cambridge

Duchess of Cambridge has Mild Bunions

26. Gwyneth Paltrow - American Actress & Business Woman

Business Woman Gwyneth Paltrow Suffers with Bunion

27. Liz Hurley - British Actress, Model & Business Woman

British Celebrity, Liz Hurley with Bunion

28. Catherine Zeta Jones - Welsh Actress

Catherine Zeta Jones has Mild Bunions

29. Camilla Belle - American Actress

American Celebrity, Camilla Belle has Bunion

30. Billie Piper - British Actress & Singer

British Celebrity, Billie Piper Not Ashamed of her Bunions

31. Rebecca Gayheart - American Fashion Model & Actress

American Model is a Bunion Sufferer

32. Jennifer Aniston - American Actress

Jennifer Aniston has a Small Bunion

33. Sarah Jessica Parker - American Actress, Producer & Designer

Sex and the City Star, Sarah Jessica Parker Suffers with Mild Bunions

34. Michelle Yeoh - Malaysian Actress

Michelle Yeoh Suffers with Severe Bunions

35. Uma Thurman - American Actress & Model

American Actress with Bunions

36. Kelly Bensimon - American Socialite & Former Editor of Elle Accessories

Desperate Housewives of New York Star has Bunions

37. Dame Helen Mirren - British Actress

Silver Screen Icon, Helen Mirren with Bunions

38. Penelope Cruz - Spanish Actress & Model

Spanish Actress and Model, Penelope Cruz with Hammer Toes

39. Cate Blanchett - Australian Actress & Theater Director

Australian Celebrity, Cate Blanchett with Bunions

40. Suki Waterhouse - British Model & Actress

Model Suki Waterhouse Suffers with Bunions

41. Eugenie Bouchard - Canadian Tennis Player

Canadian Tennis Player Suffers with Mild Bunions

42. Kelly Rowland - American Singer & Actress

Kelly Rowland has Small Bunion on Foot

43. Brandi Glanville - American TV Personality, Author & Former Model

American TV Personality with Severe Bunion

44. Eva Herzigova - Czech-Italian Supermodel & Actress

Supermodel, Eva Herzigova has Mild Bunions

45. Mena Suvari - American Actress & Model

Mena Suvari is a Bunion Sufferer

46. Miranda Hart - British Actress, Comedian & Writer

British Comedian, Miranda Hart with Bunions

47. Famke Janssen - Dutch Actress & Director

Director, Famke Janssen Suffers from Bunion

48. Miroslava Duma - Russian Digital Entrepreneur

Miroslava Duma Suffers from Bunions

49. Elsa Zylberstein - French Actress

French Actress, Elsa Zylberstein has a Bunion

50. Beau Garret - American Actress & Model

Beau Garret has Mild Bunions on Both Feet


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