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Best Shoes for Tailor's Bunion

Best Shoes for Tailor's Bunion

Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay

Lisa Kay - Founder and Designer of Sole Bliss Shoes - Shoes for Bunions & Wide Feet

Tailor's Bunion & Bunionettes




What is Tailor's Bunion?


If you have noticed a bump on your fifth toe, you may be wondering what is a tailor's bunion and do I have one? A tailor's bunion, which is also known as a bunionette, is a deviation of the fifth metatarsal bone which creates a bump or prominence at the base of the little toe.


A tailor's bunion is very similar to a bunion (or hallux valgus) which is a bony lump at the base of the big toe. A tailor's bunion and a bunion are caused by the same deviation of an outward metatarsal.


We will soon move on to finding the best shoes for tailor's bunion (or the best shoes for a bunionette) because believe it or not, tailor's bunion shoes do exist! Stylish tailor's bunion shoes too! But first let's discuss the causes of a tailor's bunion. 







What are the Causes of Tailor's Bunion?


There are several causes of tailor's bunion or bunionettes. Tailor's bunions have very similar causes to those of bunions


The main cause of tailor's bunion is genetics, so blame your grandparents! If your mother has a tailor's bunion, then you are likely to develop a tailor's bunion too, as this is an inherited faulty mechanical structure of the foot. 


Biomechanics is another cause of tailor's bunions. If you have certain faults with your feet's biomechanics, such as pronation or abnormal weight distribution, then you may start to form tailor's bunions. If your body weight puts pressure on the outer edge of the foot, a tailor's bunion is more likely to develop. Flat feet are also associated with tailor's bunions and bunionettes. 


People often blame shoes for their foot problems, and tailor's bunions are no exception! That is why you should always look for comfortable shoes for tailor's bunions


If you are constantly wearing very high and pointed shoes, then you are wearing the wrong shoes for tailor's bunions. Shoes which are narrow can also put pressure on your toes and rub your painful bunionettes. You should generally avoid heels over 3 inches. Fortunately there are still stylish options for tailor's bunion shoes!



What are the Best Shoes for Tailor's Bunions?


If you are looking for the best shoes for tailor's bunions, there are several factors which you need to consider. You may think that "shoes for tailor's bunions or bunionettes" are all orthopaedic-looking shoes. But fear not! There are plenty of stylish shoes for women with tailor's bunions. You just need to know what to look for!



Here are our Top Tips on finding shoes for tailor's bunions:


1. Choose Shoes with a Deep and Wide Toe-Box

2. Choose Shoes with a Rounded Toe-Shape

3. Choose Shoes with Cushioning and Shock Absorption

4. Choose Shoes with Soft Uppers



    1. Choose Shoes with a Deep & Wide Toe-Box:





    When you are looking for shoes for tailor's bunions, you should look for shoes with a wide and roomy toe-box (the area at the front of the shoe). We would recommend shopping for wide-width shoes which generally have a wide toe-box. 


    The best shoes for bunionettes have this wide toe-box because it prevents putting undue pressure on the fifth toe joint or rubbing against your bunionette. Shoes with a wide toe-box also prevent your toes from overlapping or cramping, which would otherwise cause unnecessary pain on your tailor's bunion.  


    Wide-fitting shoes for tailor's bunions can be fashionable. Just make sure your footwear fits properly and doesn't put any pressure on those sore little toes! 



    2. Choose Shoes with a Rounded Toe-Shape:






    The best shoes for tailor's bunions tend to be rounded toe shoes. By opting for a rounded toe, the shoe will follow the natural curve of your foot rather than contorting it to fit into a pointed or narrow toe-shape.


    A rounded toe is generally more generous, especially across the fifth toe joint. Other good toe-shapes include square toes or almond-shaped toes. 


    If you do need a pointed toe-shape (because sometimes they do just look more elegant!) then we would recommend our wide-fit pointed toe shoes. All the pointed toe shoes in the Sole Bliss collection have a deep and wide toe-box which accommodates tailor's bunions. Your feet are not squashed into the point of the shoe; they sit before the shoe starts to narrow so that all your toes have plenty of room to relax. 




    3. Choose Shoes with Cushioning & Shock Absorption:






    The best shoes for bunionettes will have super-soft underfoot cushioning and great shock absorption. Shock absorption protects your feet (and your little toes) from the impact of hitting against the ground when you walk.  


    Tailor's bunion shoes with shock absorption help evenly redistribute the weight and pressure on your feet. By redistributing your weight, you spread the pressure rather than putting force on one area of your foot. If you suffer from painful toe joints, it is really important to make sure that this pressure is not applied to that little toe or toes, as this will cause more pain and discomfort associated with tailor's bunions. 


    You also want to look for a super-soft and cushioned footbed which comforts and protects your feet, preventing further foot problems.


    Sole Bliss shoes feature a cushioned and anatomically contoured footbed which provides triple-layer support and shock absorption. Click here to read more about what makes our shoes so comfortable for tailor's bunions and bunionettes.



    4. Choose Shoes with Soft Uppers:


     Honey: Cream Leather & Shearling




    The best shoes for tailor's bunions are crafted from soft and flexible materials and have very soft uppers. We would always recommending shopping for leather shoes for tailor's bunions. Leather is soft, flexible and durable. This will prevent you from putting undue pressure or stress on your painful bunionettes. 


    Another factor to consider is that when the weather heats up, your feet will sweat less in leather-lined shoes. This means there will be less rubbing or discomfort across the bunionette. 


    You should also look for shoes which don't have any stitching across the toe-box or the area around your fifth toe. Shoes which have a smooth leather lining will prevent rubbing. All Sole Bliss shoes have a seam-free leather lining which is designed to keep your feet luxuriously comfortable all day, every day!


    Browse our Full Collection of Shoes for Tailor's Bunions.



    Customers with Tailor's Bunions


    For those struggling to find shoes for tailors bunions, discovering the right product is a game-changer for comfort and relief. Sole Bliss shoes are tailored to tackle the challenges linked to foot conditions from swollen feet, offering a deep and wide toe box to prevent toe cramping, and triple layer cushioning to cushion and comfort sensitive soles.  

    Rather than just taking our word for it, we have linked below a tailors bunion customers review who shares a first hand experience, showcasing the transformative impact of Sole Bliss shoes. This review validates its effectiveness and serves as a trusted reference for others seeking similar relief.


    "Have a tailor bunion and neuropathy starting in my toes. These shoes have been wonderful. Got the black trainers, wear them to work at least 3x a week. Am saving up for another pair for the summer." - Elaine


    If you have any questions about finding the best shoes for your feet, please contact our Customer Care team who are highly knowledgeable and here to help!

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    Team Sole Bliss xo

    When it comes to comfort, Lisa Kay knows it all! Lisa has been a Shoe Designer for over 20 years. She has used her own experience dealing with bunions to create Sole Bliss - the shoe brand dedicated to women with bunions, wide feet and sensitive soles. Lisa has worked with Italian and Spanish artisans and the world’s leading podiatrists to create the best shoes for women with bunions and wide feet. Every pair of Sole Bliss shoes contains an award-winning, podiatrist-approved Comfort Technology.

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