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Blogger ‘My Midlife Fashion’ wears Sole Bliss!


‘Timeless Everyday Style’ from Personal Stylist & Fashion Blogger Jane Grainger


We first spotted UK fashion blogger Jane from My Midlife Fashion, wearing our sister brand Lisa Kay shoes in an issue of Prima magazine & instantly we knew she would look simply fabulous in a pair of Sole Bliss!


My Midlife Fashion, aimed at women over 40 is a fashion, beauty & fitness blog that highlights the latest fashion trends, styling tips and the best high street & designer finds. Having started her blog in 2013, Jane has developed a huge online following of like-minded women inspired by her tailored & timeless style. Because, why should style stop at 40?


Midlife fashion should still be fashionable!


It’s no surprise that as we get older, it is harder to find stylish heels that our feet can handle after years of enduring high heels & ill-fitted footwear.


We still want the styles we’ve always strutted in, just with the additional comfort! And with 10 million women in the UK struggling with bunions and wide feet (38% of women aged over 30), it is important that fashion brands cater to these women so that everyone can enjoy current fashion!


Sole Bliss founder, Lisa Kay, recognised the demand for fashionable shoes for bunion sufferers. So after 5 years of research and development, we launched Sole Bliss, stylish shoes for ladies with bunions and wide feet so women worldwide can enjoy fashionable and comfortable shoes!


My Midlife Fashion loves Sole Bliss shoes!


The fashion influencer was delighted once she’d received her Sole Bliss shoes!


“My new favourite timeless court shoes are oh-so-comfy”


Jane ordered our classic mid heel Carmen in Black Suede; an elegant & versatile option for every occasion! The fashionista recently wore her Sole Bliss shoes for a date night with her husband, piecing them with black tailored trousers, a black camisole and grey textured blazer for head-to-toe sophistication.


Want to get Jane’s shoe style? Simply click on the photo below and view the full Sole Bliss bunion shoe collection!




Carmen Black Suede



Looking for some wardrobe inspiration? Check out The Midlife Fashion socials!




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