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5 Best Shoes for Bunions

5 Best Shoes for Bunions


Lisa Kay

Sole Bliss' Best Shoes for Bunions!



What are bunions?


A bunion is a misaligned toe joint which manifests itself as a bony lump at the base of your big toe. Bunions can be painful, so it is important to wear good shoes for bunions which take some of the pressure off your feet and reduce bunion pain.


We will show you some of the best women's shoes for bunions, including plenty of options for fashionable shoes for bunion sufferers. 




Trinity Navy Leather - Best Loafer Shoes for Bunions




How do bunions develop?


There are many contributing factors to how bunions develop. Bunions develop slowly and are often caused by genetics. If your parents or grandparents suffered with bunions, you are likely to suffer with bunions too!


Faults with your feet’s biomechanics, such as over-pronation or flexible joints, can cause bunions. Pregnancy, obesity and certain medical conditions can also lead to the formation of bunions.


People often think that wearing high heels is the biggest cause of bunions. However, bunions are something a person generally has a disposition to. If you wear poorly-fitting footwear, you may be exacerbating this pre-disposition, which can lead to the formation of bunions. If you are suffering with bunions, it is important to wear good shoes for bunions which don't exacerbate the problem. 




Hampton Black Leather - Women's Sneakers for Bunions




Can age affect bunions and other foot problems?


Bunions can occur at any point in your life, however age does affect bunions. Bunions are most common among women over the age of 55. 


Bunions are a result of years of added pressure on your feet that forces the toes out of alignment. 


Pregnancy is one of the biggest causes of bunions so for many women, this will be the point in their life where they develop bunions.


Arthritis - particularly Osteoarthritis - is another cause of bunions. Given that arthritis is more common later in life, you are more likely to form bunions at an older age too.


As you get older, it is important to take care of your feet. If you suffer with bunions, then you should wear good shoes for bunions, which are comfortable, accommodating and supportive. 




Fiona Olive Suede - Best Shoes for Bunions




Can wearing the wrong shoes worsen bunions?


Wearing the wrong shoes can worsen bunions. So if you suffer with your feet, it is important to wear good shoes for bunions. 


The wrong shoes for bunions are extremely narrow in the toe-box (the area across the front of your foot), they are generally pointed and very high. Any shoe that squeezes your toes and bunions into an unnatural position can worsen your condition.


On the other hand, wearing wide shoes for bunions can prevent their worsening and avoid foot pain. The best shoes for bunions have a deep and wide toe-box with plenty of room for the bunion. You can wear heels - check out our best heels for bunions here - just make sure they are supportive and roomy enough for your footshape. From dress shoes for bunions to fabulous flats and comfortable work shoes, there are plenty of options for fashionable shoes for bunion sufferers. So there is no excuse for wearing the wrong shoes which worsen bunions! 


Wearing the wrong shoe size can worsen bunions too. You can wear the most comfortable bunion shoes for women but if they are the wrong size, they will do more harm than good for your bunions. A study by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society found that 88% of women in the United States wear shoes that are too small. Shoes which are too small will cramp your feet and shoes which are too big will rub, cause blisters and potentially worsen bunions. 




Elsa Black Suede - Dress Shoes for Bunions




Should I wear sneakers with a bunion?


If you are looking for good shoes for bunions or the best shoes for standing all day, you may be wondering if you should wear sneakers with a bunion. The answer is both yes and no! 


No, you do not have to exclusively wear sneakers; you can wear heels for bunions and dress shoes for bunions too.


But yes, you certainly can wear sneakers with a bunion! Sole Bliss specializes in the most comfortable sneakers for women with bunions. Our Miracle Sneakers for bunion sufferers are designed to alleviate the discomfort of bunions while providing luxurious comfort and support for your entire foot.

The Miracle Sneaker for bunions is handcrafted in Italy from the finest leathers and suedes. Every pair contains our anatomically contoured footbed with luxurious underfoot cushioning. 


The hidden cushioning stretch panel alleviates pressure from bunions and disguised depth accommodates wider feet while maintaining a flattering silhouette. 


You can read more about what makes our shoes so comfortable for bunions here.




Hero Navy Croc Leather - Bunion Shoes for Women




How can I prevent my bunions getting worse?


Unfortunately there is no way of reversing the formation of bunions (other than undergoing bunion surgery). However, there are many ways in which you can prevent your bunions getting worse.


Our main advice is to wear good shoes for bunions: shoes which have a wide toe-box with plenty of space for your toes, bunions and tender joints. Good shoes for bunions are generally made from soft materials like fine leather and suede, and they should not squeeze or put pressure on any part of your foot.


There are other home remedies which will prevent your bunions getting worse. You can try certain foot exercises and massages, soaking your feet in a footbath or icing them after a long day of walking. 


To read our blog on 10 Best Ways to Treat Bunions Without Surgery, please follow this link. 




Ingrid Black Suede - Heels for Bunions





Video: Best Shoes for Bunions - How to Pick Bunion Shoes

Founder and Designer of Sole Bliss, Lisa Kay shares her top tips on finding comfortable shoes for bunions.



5 best shoes for bunions


We don't like to play favorites but we know that our customers do...and these are 5 of our most popular women's shoes for bunions. From heels and dress shoes for bunions to fabulous flats and sneakers for bunions, the Sole Bliss Collection has something for everyone. Check out our top picks for the 5 best shoes for bunions:



1. Carmen: The Mid Heel Court Shoe for Bunion





‘Carmen’ is one of our all-time best sellers featuring an elegant ‘V’ shaped top line and luxuriously soft pale-pink lining. Boasting a comfortable 2.5” slim heel, this shoe for bunions is the perfect choice for desk to out-to-dinner days. It is now available in 5 versatile, easy-to-wear colours to match all your favorite outfits. This bestselling heel for bunions is also available on a kitten heel and a higher 3.5” slim heel.



2. Elsa: The Fashionable Sling Back Shoe for Bunions







‘Elsa’ is crafted form luxuriously soft suede making it ideal for all-day and all-night wear. Featuring 3 layers of underfoot cushioning and a deep and wide toe-box for bunions, this is your cross-seasonal wardrobe hero.



 3. Tread: Lace-Up Ankle Boot for Bunions






Much to the excitement of our Sole Bliss fan base, ‘Tread’ was our first ankle boot for bunions with a lace-up and zip design. Crafted from luxuriously soft Italian leather it features a rounded deep toe box to ensure the comfort of your bunions or wide feet. Just like all our heels and shoes, these boots are also containing our award-winning comfort technology for bunions and other foot problems. ‘Tread’ is recommended by podiatrists and adored by celebrities and YOU!



4. Verity: The Party Heel for Bunions






‘Verity’ is our favorite party heel for bunions! This comfortable shoe for bunions features a generous square toe-shape, a wide toe-box and our stretch panel for bunions. We gave this sling-back a chic twist with its metallic ridge-detail covered heel creating the perfect party block heel for bunions. It is available in black suede, nude leather and pale grey leather.



5. Lizzie: The Flat-Out Comfort Ballet Flat for Bunions






After the launch and massive success of the Sole Bliss Flat Collection, we recently extended the range with a dressier ballet flat for bunions; ‘Lizzie’. Featuring all components of our award winning, podiatrist-approved technology, ‘Lizzie’ will ensure the ultimate comfort of your feet regardless of bunions. It is available in 10 gorgeous suedes with a stylish metal square embellishment on the front.



How to choose the best shoes for bunions?


For women with bunions, wearing the correct footwear is essential. The best women's shoes for bunions have plenty of width and depth to avoid adding pressure to your bunions and toes. A wide toe-box will prevent your feet from crowding on top of each other or cramping. 


Always look for shoes which are made from high-quality, breathable materials. We recommend leather because it is soft, flexible and durable. All Sole Bliss shoes are crafted from the finest leathers and suedes and feature a full leather lining for instant comfort.



To read more about what makes Sole Bliss the best shoes for bunions and our award-winning Comfort Technology , please follow these links.


And click here to browse our full collection of Women's Shoes for Bunions.

If you have any questions about finding the best shoes for your feet, please contact our Customer Care team who are highly knowledgeable and here to help!

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