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5 Best Shoes for Bunions

5 Best Shoes for Bunions


Lisa Kay

Sole Bliss' 5 Best Shoes for Bunions


Bunions can be painful but having the best shoes for bunions can take some of the pressure off your feet and reduce bunion pain. A bunion is a misaligned toe joint which manifests itself as a bony lump at the base of your big toe. There are many contributing factors, such as genetics, pregnancy, obesity and ill-fitting footwear.



Why is it important to invest in the best shoes for bunions?


Wearing the correct footwear is essential; the ideal shoe should have enough width to avoid adding to the pressure and depth in order for your toes to have enough space and not be on top of each other. Sole Bliss have the best shoes for bunions due to the award-winning technology that cushions, comforts and supports your feet as well as accommodating different bunion severity.



1. Carmen: The Mid Heel Court Shoe for Bunion




‘Carmen’ is one of our all-time best sellers featuring an elegant ‘V’ shaped top line and luxuriously soft pale-pink lining. Boasting a comfortable 2.5” slim heel making it the perfect choice for desk to out to dinner days. It is now available in 11 versatile colours including the brand-new light grey patent leather colour. Don’t forget to check out the new matching clutch bags.



2. Ayda: The Fashionable Sling Back Shoe for Bunions



‘Ayda’ fits just like ‘Carmen’ but is the sling-back version. It is crafted form luxuriously soft suede making it ideal for all-day and all-night wear. Featuring 3 layers of underfoot cushioning and a deep and wide toe-box for bunions, this might be your cross-seasonal hero.




3. Tread: Lace-Up Ankle Boot for Bunions



Much to the excitement of our Sole Bliss fan base, ‘Tread’ was our first ankle boot for bunions with a lace-up and zip design. Crafted from luxuriously soft Italian leather it features a rounded deep toe box to ensure the comfort of your bunions or wide feet. Just like all our heels and shoes, these boots are also containing our award-winning comfort technology for bunions and other foot problems. ‘Tread’ is recommended by podiatrists and adored by celebrities and YOU!



4. Imelda: The Party Heel for Bunions





‘Imelda’ is the sister range of our best-selling range, ‘Ingrid’. The fit is the same, but we gave it a chic twist with the metallic ridge-detail covered heel creating the perfect party block heel for bunions. It is available in black suede crafted from the softest luxurious Italian suede.



5. Lizzie: The Flat-Out Comfort Ballet Flat for Bunions




After the launch and massive success of the Sole Bliss Flat Collection, we recently extended the range with a dressier ballet flat for bunions; ‘Lizzie’. Featuring all components of our award winning, podiatrist-approved technology, ‘Lizzie’ will ensure the ultimate comfort of your feet regardless of bunions. It is available in 6 gorgeous suedes with a stylish metal square embellishment on the front.


Take Aways…


All of Sole Bliss shoes and boots have a deep and wide toe box, which is space for the bunion as well as a hidden interior stretch panel that accommodates the shape of your bunion plus foot.


For the best shoes for bunions, browse our collection online or contact us for further help or advice!

If you have any questions about finding the best shoes for your feet, please contact our Customer Care team who are highly knowledgeable and here to help!

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