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The Difference Between Our Bunion Fit Styles


We're here to answer you questions about how our shoes fit...






Choosing footwear, whether you have bunions, wide feet or just wanting extremely comfortable and stylish shoes, can be difficult. Just because you have a bunion DOES NOT mean you have wide feet!


All Sole Bliss shoes are made for women with bunions or wide feet. We have ensured that our shoes are perfectly in proportion, whilst offering ample space at the front to accommodate your bunions. Closed-back shoes have been designed to hold your heels securely in place, and sling-back styles have had the straps expertly pitched to ensure an ideal fit.


When considering which style of shoes to choose, consider the width of your feet irrespective of your bunions. As the Bunion Bed ® inside all Sole Bliss shoes stretched to accommodate very size bunion, consider your general foot shape and follow the guidelines below:



Which Shoes Do I Buy for Bunions?


If you have average to wide width feet with slight to severe bunions, our wide fit shoes should be suitable for you.


However, if you have very wide feet with mild to severe bunions, then you will benefit from trying our extra wide fit shoes.





What are Wide and Extra-Wide Fit Shoes?


Our shoe constructions come in two categories, wide fit and extra-wide fit. For example, our  Carmen court shoe is a wide fit style whereas our Ingrid court shoe is designed to be a extra wider fit. Ingrid features an almond-toe shape to enable more room for your toes and comes in various soft materials to contour to the shape of your foot. The extra-wide fit styles are equivalent to at least an EEE fit. We do not offer different fit versions of each style.



What Type of Shoes are Suitable for Your Bunions and Wide Feet?


It is recommended that bunion sufferers look for shoes that accommodate and cushion their bunions whilst providing plenty of support.  Sole Bliss shoes for bunions and problem feet are recommended by podiatrists as:

  1. The deep and spacious toe box prevents overcrowding of toes and disguises the appearance of bunions.

  2. The triple layer of underfoot cushioning provides all day comfort.

  3. The supportive shape at the back of our shoe provides maximum ankle grip to prevent the ankle rolling.

  4. The anti-pronation device offers arch support and stops over-pronating.

"Our shoes cushion and comfort your feet, during those special events where you should be enjoying yourself and not feeling uncomfortable."



Can Materials Affect the Way Shoes Fit?


Everyone's feet are individual, but our shoes are developed to fit as consistently as possible across a range of different styles. The style, construction and materials can affect the fit. A shoe made from patent leather may feel tighter than the same style made from suede due to how the material contours and moves with your foot. Leather is a natural material and will stretch over time to adapt to the shape of your foot. We provide styles in half sizes and different width fittings to accommodate each individual variation of sizes.





What Shoes are Suitable for Small Bunions?


For women with small bunions and slim to average width feet, we recommend trying a Sole Bliss style from our Wide Fit collection.

For women with small bunions and wide feet, we recommend trying a Sole Bliss style from our Extra-Wide Fit collection.



What Shoes are Suitable for Large Bunions?


For women with large bunions and slim to average width feet, we recommend trying a Sole Bliss style from our Wide Fit collection.

For women with large bunions and wide feet, we recommend trying a Sole Bliss style from our  Extra-Wide Fit collection.



Check our our size guide and bunion severity scale to help you shop from our complete collection.


For further queries take a look at our FAQ, If you need any help, you can contact our friendly customer care team via phone or email.



Team Sole Bliss xo


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