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Shoe Shopping for Wide Feet Just Got Easier!


Women and shoes. It’s a relationship that borders on passion and fires our spirits.


Buying a new pair of fashionable women’s shoes is a commitment we make after careful consideration or five minutes of throwing caution to the wind. 


Going shoe shopping was once a blissful, beautiful experience. Who can remember the bustling shoe department with salespeople carrying out stacks of boxes as tissue paper rustled to and fro? After cradling the foot and slipping the shoe on with real relish, the salesman would lavish his lady with lots of attention. You were encouraged to stand up… walk around… look in the knee-high mirror. “How do they look?” he would inquire. “Feel pretty good? A little tight? I’ll bring the next size…” 

Vintage Shoe Shopping for Wider Feet



A Little Tight Just Isn't Right


Often the solution to a too-tight shoe was a half size or full-size increase. But unless the foot is crammed right up against the toe wall, the length is not the issue. It’s frequently the width that is insufficient. 


Imagine if you asked that same salesperson if that adorable little flat came in a wider fit. The answer would be invariably be, "No." Trendy styles that everyone wanted just didn't come in wide, leaving women to squeeze in or walk out.


But disappointment doesn't have to dampen your shoe shopping experience! Now, with Sole Bliss, it is possible to find high-fashion wide fit high heels, boots, flats, and other comfortably-fitting shoes without ever leaving your living room.


It May Be Wide But What's Inside?


If only our feet would stay straight and strong and healthy as the day we were born, we'd all be so happy. However, as we age the body's pedestals, which have borne the brunt of the weight and wear, begin to buckle. Bones move, bulges manifest and ill-fitting shoes make walking miserable.



The temptation is to forego fashion and settle for buying any pair of shoes available in a wide fit to relieve the rubbing and restriction. Sadly, this has typically meant sacrificing the latest styles. Frequently these wide fit shoes aren't a good fit anyway because they slip around and don't adequately hold the ankle. 



That’s why Sole Bliss shoes for wide feet are engineered specifically to conform to every configuration including bunions, twisted toes, and wide footbeds. Expanding panels, extra layers of cushioning, and secure backs hold the heel while comforting tender areas. And, the best thing is they are available in all the smart and sophisticated silhouettes topping the trends today.



Sole Bliss Wider Fit Footwear

See how our wide fit footwear is keeping pace with what women want this season.


Meet the Sole Bliss Extra-Wide Width Styles


All our shoes are wide width but these styles are even more accommodating!


Sole Bliss Extra-Wide Width Fit Footwear Collection

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